About Us




A collective name that includes Edo Rinaldi and Christian Latronico, italian DJs and producers.

They appeared​to be the most acclaimed animators of the house/techno scene in Modena, north of Italy.


Mainly related to the experience of Barn Club, Gallery, Pathfinder and The One, well­known parties in which they are residents.

In 2012 they started their cooperation with the Etruria Beat label, founded by Luca Agnelli. Their track “Part of It” was included in the “Bud Sampler”. In 2013 received many feedbacks from international artists such as Dan Drastic, Satoshi Tomiie, James Zabiela, Tobi Neumann, Reset Robot, Re.You, Mauro Picotto and many more.


More recently, the duo released a remix of “Bastinov ­ Ellipse”, techno dance floor track included in ETB019 .

Their first Ep was released on vinyl by the end of May 2015 on Etruria Beat (ETB021) , collecting loads of international feedbacks from all over the world (more infos further in this file).


Besides to their production commitments, the duo is also engaging many collaborations with clubs and dj residents from all over Europe, especially in Uk, you can easily catch the duo doing his thing at Dalston Superstore once a month, in the magic East London.